Update: 1914: Suffolk and the Western Front Magazine.

Between February and August this year I was involved in a project in collaboration with History students at University Campus Suffolk. I have released the details of this project before to some of you. I was asked by my friend Andrew on the history course to help with the design of the magazine. I was originally just asked to advise on the project, giving him a crash course on Adobe InDesign as this would then allow him to work on the magazine when I was unavailable. We worked together to produce the magazine, I was just advising and then went on to creatively direct the work over the summer as we geared up to get it published.

The project taught me a lot about getting copyrighted imagery, and planning the project. Although I was mainly just advising as part of my role I was then asked to design and take some of the photographs. In particular I designed the front cover, based on a number of ideas between myself and Andrew. Below you will find the front cover.

Magazine Front Cover

Magazine Front Cover

The magazine is about the Suffolk Regiment in the Great War, specifically in 1914. 2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War, and it commemorates those who died and gives some contexts of the local soldiers who gave their lives for King and Country. The proceeds are going to the Royal British Legion.

The project ran throughout the second semester of my second year of University, I was able to balance this with my own modules. Yes, you might ask how I was able to do this. It takes a lot of discipline to allow enough time for my content heavy modules. I had to manage my time between both my course projects and the magazine. The project gave me loads to reflect on, as designer and personally gave me the chance to help and direct other people within the University, which was great. As I have said before about working in a group or in collaboration, it really is all about talking and ensuring that the work can be done to the highest standard. The project was also featured in the local paper; as part of the project we got the magazine published and here is some of the press we got from it.


The magazine to date has sold over 170 copies; quite an achievement for a student lead project. Well done to all of those involved in the sale of the magazine.

If you would like to find out more contact me, I can help with getting a copy to you.

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