Blink auction 2015

As it is our final year, our year group have the task of raising money for the end of year show. We have been planning an online auction that will feature works from Illustrators, Designers and Graphic Artists. Over the past couple of weeks emails have been sent to ask for some work, and we have been lucky enough to get some replies with offers of pieces to sell. You can be a part of it by buying some of the work that will be offered online.

Within this project, we are collaboratively working on three areas, branding, collection and marketing. I am personally involved in the branding team and as part of this we have been working on designing the brand for the auction and the website. Over the next month or so we will be constructing the website; this will involve learning a bit of coding, looking at screen interaction and utilising the branding of the auction. The coding part of that has been something I have had to drag from the back of my mind, having learnt some 5 years ago on a two week work placement at a graphic design company.

Blink Holding Page

Blink Holding Page

If you can help us publicise the auction then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

So keep up to date with all of the information here:

For regular updates follow the twitter page: @Blinkauction2015

Also find out more on the Blink Auction Blog:

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