What a Gentleman.

Two weeks ago, we were lucky enough at UCS to have a lecture by the Illustrator, Artist and Designer; David Gentleman.

David Gentleman

David Gentleman

His work has spanned the past five decades, from designing stamps to illustrating tube stations. He highlighted the fact many people will have seen his work before, whether it be in Charing Cross station or on the book jackets for a series of Shakespeare plays published by Penguin but without knowing it’s him.

gentleman chrg X 1

Charing Cross woodcuts

He was a very unassuming man with such a passion for his work, as he spoke about his new book ‘In the country’ it was clear he just really enjoyed being able to create images for people to enjoy. His work has no clear style; it has such diversity, from the small sketches he had made of the people in his village with sharpies to the full watercolour images painted of the countryside surrounding his house.

I researched him as an illustrator of the countryside, for a project based on the suffolk accent and dialect in the second year. This meant his work wasn’t alien to me when I went into the lecture.

Halesworth Village

Halesworth Village

Something that really struck me was the fact that he spoke about some work he had done for a book publishers. He said that he was very lucky to do the work for the company, with the illustrations for the story Swiss Family Robinson. His work came with little anecdotes, stories that give his work more than just marks on a page.

I was really humbled by David’s work and the way he carried himself to the attendees of his lecture. I really do feel that his talent as an illustrator is down to his own hard work, it is clear through his passion that he must draw, design or paint every day; along with how he observes the world around him; the people he sees; the places he loves, he captures the essence of the subject he is painting.

Layout 1

In The Country

Overall I feel that his insight into the world of illustration, publishing and mark making has reignited and inspired me to create more regularly with self-set projects.


©  2014 Matt Finch. All rights reserved.

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