Blink auction website goes live.


So the Blink Auction website is live now,  you may remember that I spoke about the project in late December as we started the process of designing the branding and website for it. The auction is to raise funds for our end of year show this summer; the work has kindly been donated by some illustrators and designers. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 09.02.02

As part of the work on the website, it has been a chance to learn and explore designing a website for E-Commerce. We have been working mainly on designing the website with many considerations to the content we should use. These include the brand guidelines for the University, Copywriting, Photography along with the limited knowledge we had of coding and using WordPress. I can say that I have learnt a lot in the process.

The auction is now being publicised by the marketing team. Fortunately their hard work has paid off and the AOI (Association of Illustrators) have been kind enough to help and they have been publicising the auction on their social media platforms. 

If you would like to either donate some work or find out more check out:

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