Jack of all trades.

Sorry, I know I pledged a few weeks ago that I will be posting more regularly  but I have been juggling being ill and trying to finish all the important university work left to hand in. So here's to more posts (hopefully) from now on. University teaching has official finished and one of the last … Continue reading Jack of all trades.

It’s been a while!

I thought I would just touch base with you all, and say I'm now back with a few ideas to write and release some blogs over the next few months. I know it’s been a while! University work had to take a bit more of a priority. So a lot of different things have been … Continue reading It’s been a while!

Update: 1914: Suffolk and the Western Front Magazine.

Between February and August this year I was involved in a project in collaboration with History students at University Campus Suffolk. I have released the details of this project before to some of you. I was asked by my friend Andrew on the history course to help with the design of the magazine. I was … Continue reading Update: 1914: Suffolk and the Western Front Magazine.