Ships Ahoy!

Yesterday, there were some Dutch tall ships on Ipswich waterfront. I saw them at first on my way home from university, then decided to go and take some photos of them as it turned dark. They were here in Ipswich, as a stop off point during the classics race from Holland. Starting in Rotterdam earlier … Continue reading Ships Ahoy!


In the thick of it: My Final Year.

So we're back for our final year,  two weeks ago we started semester one and we started two modules. One solely based on Portfolio Development and another module called Dissertation and Critical Review across the whole year. For Portfolio Development, we were given a four week brief to express the place we're in, whether it be the literal … Continue reading In the thick of it: My Final Year.

It’s not everyday you have to sell a colour…

On Friday of last week, Level 4, 5 and 6 Graphic Design and Graphic Illustration students were tasked with selling a colour. We only had four hours to create a campaign/presentation to sell this concept and then we had to present and propose why it was best. Using anything from interpretive dance to photography and illustration … Continue reading It’s not everyday you have to sell a colour…